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No will, no tax planning and an estate that will go equally to one sibling and five half siblings. How could someone with so much money and resources to hire a professional let this happen?

It is too easy to delay putting a family wealth preservation plan in place. Whether you are worth millions or have only equity in a home, consult with an experienced estate professional to make sure this doesn’t happen to you or your family.

Driving tired is just as dangerous as driving drunk. Problem is, it’s more acceptable to companies in the transport business.

There is pressure on the employer to get more miles out of their employees in the name of efficiency (translation: profit margin); and pressure on those employees to meet the challenge and earn their share of that profit. The safety hazard created by this double standard is shocking, common, and forms at least one basis for liability in transport cases.

On the road, beware of the big rigs. If you’re a passenger, ask your driver (cab, limo, bus, etc.) when his shift started and when he last slept. Livin’ on reds, Vitamin C, and cocaine makes for a great song, but a terrible chauffeur.